The Goals for Driver Education Matrix ("GDE")

GDE MATRIX (Goals for Driver Education
(Hatakka, Keskinen, Glad, Gregerson, Hernetkoski, 2002)

  Knowledge & Skill Risk Increasing Aspects Self Assessment
Goals for life and skills for living Lifestyle, age, group, culture, social position etc. vs. driving behaviour Sensation seeking
Risk Acceptance
Group norms
Peer Pressure
Introspective competence
Own preconditions
Impulse Control
Goals and context of driving Modal Choice
Choice of time
Role of motives
Route planning
Alcohol, Fatigue,
Low friction
Rush hours
Young passengers
Own motives influencing choices. Self critical thinking.
Driving in traffic Traffic rules
Hazard perception
Disobeying rules
Close following
Low friction
Vulnerable r. u.
Calibration of driving skills
Own driving style
Vehicle Control Car functioning
Protection systems
Vehicle control
Physical laws
No seatbelts
Breakdown of vehicle systems
Worn out tyres
Calibration of car-control skills